Student’s Career Roadmap

The Career Roadmap is the tool we have developed in order to guide you through the steps leading to your job in Saarland, Germany and Europe. This Career Roadmap is a customisable support tool personalised to your needs, your field of studies and your professional goals.
It works both like a map and a checklist: you check the knowledge you possess so far, you identify the elements that you still need to integrate into your path and you create a series of interconnected milestones you want to achieve to reach your final destination: integration in your new society through the job you want. It is composed of 4 main stages, spread out throughout the whole length of your studies at university. After all, we shall not forget that integration into the labour market is as a long-term process anchored in your student life cycle from the very beginning. Get to know the stages of the Career Roadmap. And don’t worry if you do not have an answer to every step of the map. You can count on us during the whole process!

Speaker: Cyra Sammtleben (Career Center)
Language: English

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